Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A few more pictures

Hello! This is just a brief update. The weather has been great for the past few days--warm enough for shorts!! So, I have been updating my photos from Oxford, and I put together my album for London. I was in Stratford last night to see Julius Caesar (which was awesome), but I didn't get to the Shakespeare sites, so I will be going back in the next weekend or two to see that. So . . . there will be a lot more pictures (and still more pictures from spring break to come); however, I might not have time to post those until the end of term or even right after I get home. I'm staying pretty busy trying to take care of school work and see everything I can before I leave. Term is a little more than halfway over, and I only have 4 more weeks! 


p.s. I am starting to see more and more students, etc. in robes (which is pretty cool) because it's about time for exams.

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