Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Break

Hello again . . . it’s almost the end of Hilary term here in Oxford, and that means spring break! I have 5 weeks of break, and I will be home for part of that. I realize I’m horrible about blogging, but here is my travel itinerary so you can see where I’ll be:

March 12 Dane comes to Oxford!

March 13-15 Stockholm

March 16-17 Geneva

March 18-29 Amsterdam (and visit Ans)

March 20-21 Paris

March 22 We head back to Oxford.

March 23 Dane and I fly back to the US!


March 23-April 3 I’m home in the US!

April 3-4 I travel back to Oxford.


April 5 Fly to Berlin with Ashton

April 6-7 See Berlin, also Joy joins us!

April 8 Joy, Ashton, and I take the train to Nice.

April 9-10 See Nice. (And turn 21)

April 11 Joy splits from Ashton and I; we travel to Florence.

April 12-13 Spend the Easter holiday in Florence.

April 14 Train to Venice.

April 15 See Venice.

April 16 Train to Rome.

April 17-18 See Rome.

April 19 Fly back to Oxford.


April 20 Start Trinity Term!


I will post pictures with much more success this time, but as I was unsuccessful in ever posting a full account of Scotland, I will probably only post tidbits about spring break!  

Also, if you want a postcard from any of these place, let me know!




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