Friday, December 26, 2008


I hate packing. I am a notorious over-packer. I leave on Monday the 29th (FYI for those who didn't know), and I am still deciding what suitcase to use and asking questions like "Do I pack enough toothpaste for the next 6 months or are the English familiar with Crest?"

Obviously, I don't have any exciting stories to tell you yet (unless you are that interested in my luggage choices). So for now, I thought I would tell you where I'm going once I arrive in England, etc. etc.

--I leave late morning for Washington, and from there I fly to Heathrow. When I get to London it will be 6:20 a.m., Dec. 30th (barring any delays). From the airport, it's the bus to Oxford. In Oxford, Robyn and Joy have graciously opened their flat to me (and other Jewell travelers) so that we can drop off suitcases and get settled and repacked for a short trip before classes.
--On Dec. 31st we leave at 1 p.m. (by train) for Edinburgh, Scotland to celebrate New Year's Eve. Edinburgh's "Hogmanay" celebration is a by-ticket-only, 4 day street party with events, mainstages, etc. (
--On Jan. 2nd Brett, Robyn, and I take an afternoon train to Inverness, Scotland. (Inverness is by Loch Ness).
--On Jan. 4th we take a train to Kyle of Lochalsh, which is a coastal town next to the Isle of Skye. This is especially exciting because the train ride to Kyle is one of the most scenic routes in Scotland, and the Isle of Skye (Dunvegan, Lewis, and Harris area) is where my family's Scottish clan is located. We'll visit Dunvegan Castle--Clan MacLeod's castle.
--On Jan. 7th we'll take the train back to Edinburgh (due to some travel difficulties and just because Edinburgh has so much to offer).
--On Jan. 9th we'll take the train back to Oxford, move into our flats, and start tutorials on the 12th.

I'll be sure to post my address soon, but until then, if you want to email me I'm at or (I check both continuously). I'm also on Skype under Madison.McGraw.

Wish me luck in my packing, and happy New Year's!



  1. We miss you already!

  2. I just read this while sitting on a boring conference call for work . . . needless to say, I am JEALOUS already! Have a great time & we'll keep following you via your blog!